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Pick up at 0730hrs from beach hotel then drive to Shimoni will take about  through villages, where you can see snapshots of the real Kenya, Coconut, Mango and Cashew Nut plantations and mangroves.
On arrival in Shimoni you have the choice to visit the Slave Cave and to see the restored building that was the first base in East Africa of the colonial era whilst our staff collects your Marine Park Permits.

9.10am - We board our Dhow where will introduce you to our staff and brief you on your trip to the Marine Park whilst taking refreshments and snacks and searching for Dolphins.

10.30am – We arrive in Kisite where we will spend about 2 hours in the park searching for Dolphins and snorkeling or diving to explore the reefs and the wonderful marine life that can be found there, if the tide is low there is the option to spend some time on the white sand bank that is exposed at low tide or you can just relax in the sun on the Dhow.

12.30pm – We start to make our way out of the Marine Park for lunch using the sails if the wind is good – a magnificent way to experience the traditional way of the Swahili people and admire the peace and beauty of the open ocean..

13.30 – Arrive at the restaurant, with its breathtaking views of the Wasini Channel, for a lunch of Swahilli dishes. After lunch visit Swahili village optional corol gardens (ksh200 per person)
16.00 – Leave Shimoni for the return trip to beach hotel,


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